Photos of students holding up a special message, picture, etc. for teacher(s) staff member(s). **PARENTS WE NEED YOUR HELP HERE AGAIN!  You can include the information for this activity in the same message along with the parent activity above or send a separate message. We will be creating a photo collage so the following info would be needed.

For the activity itself

  • Photo of your Child/Children holding a sign with a positive message, picture, etc.

In the email message 

  • Name of you child/children
  • Name of teacher(s) and/or staff member message is being sent & and grade level if a teacher(s)
  • Specific message you want to send to a teacher or staff.

Again we kindly ask that in addition to specific teacher/staff, if you would consider sending a short general message for all teachers/staff members and specify as “General Message”. If you want to use the same photo for "specific teacher" and general staff..please specify that.

As stated previously, since all teachers and staff members do not have a dedicated class but do many other things for our children, we want to show appreciation for them as well.

*We are asking that you submit information by Thursday, May 14th*
Please send all information, questions, or concerns to PTO Teacher Appreciation email address