Tonight, we chose a new superintendent, Patrick Watson to lead us into the future. This is an exciting time for all of us, and our students are at the top of the list. Thanks to technology, we were able to engage in the most interactive superintendent search we have ever had. We held 19 separate focus groups and received feedback from over 800 surveys. The videotaped candidate interviews received many views and were even shown to a high school class, who emailed us feedback afterwards. Additionally, we received hundreds of emails over the last week from members of the community and beyond. What impressed me the most, and quite honestly, something I find shocking in this day and age, is that the number of positive comments about both finalist candidates were overwhelming overwhelming. Our community spoke about qualities, shared personal stories, and wrote about the district they’d like to see. That speaks not only to the exemplary character of both these men, but also to the respect our community has for our schools and for each other. I am, as always, proud to be a Black Hawk.

As we welcome Superintendent Watson to our community, I urge all of you to stop him at a school event or when passing him in the halls of one of our buildings. He is friendly and approachable. We are extremely fortunate to have Mr. Watson as the Superintendent of our district.

We would never have been able to get to this point so seamlessly without the extraordinary leadership of our interim Superintendent Tina Kostiuk. Tina stepped up immediately when asked and not only maintained the status quo, as most interim superintendents are instructed, but she made improvements. In spite of an increase in meetings due to the superintendent search and facilities discussions, Tina always had time to respond to issues quickly, kindly and competently. She brought several collaborative ideas to the board and has been the voice of reason, compromise, and teamwork. Tina did all this so well while concurrently performing all the duties of her other job, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations, and while planning a wedding for her son. “I have really enjoyed my time as Interim Superintendent,” Ms. Kostiuk said. “It has been my pleasure to serve the students of Bloomfield Hills Schools and I am eager to work alongside Mr. Watson as he leads this next chapter for our community.”

The board will announce Mr. Watson’s start date as soon as it is available.

Details regarding the upcoming Board of Education meeting in which Mr. Watson will be officially appointed will be posted to the district homepage, our Superintendent Search page, social media, and email newsletters.

Thank you again to the entire community for taking the time to participate in the search process. As always, you can connect with me and the board at

Sincerely yours,

Paul Kolin, BHS Board of Education President